• How much money raised by Hunters for BC stays in British Columbia?

Besides 30% of the money raised within our Chapter at our largest fund-raisers (yearly banquet), the rest of the money (including all other fund-raisers) stays within our Chapter to spend on the various projects and initiatives within BC.

  • How has SCI money helped Canada’s conservation and management initiatives?

To list just a few; $60K to help fight BC NDP on grizzly hunt stoppage, $100K to fund wolf cull in BC, $500K to help Quebec Labrador Caribou, $50K to fight Ontario Government on their plans to stop black bear hunting, $20K to help reintroduce wild turkeys to Ontario, $100K to reintroduce elk to Ontario and an additional $50K to assist on the elk study in Yaha Tinda region in Alberta, $15K funding to Polar Bear study in Canada’s north, supplemental funding to Grizzly studies in AB and BC, supplemental funding to study Chronic Wasting Disease in AB and SK, supplemental funding to cougar study in AB and $350K over 5-years to Newfoundland woodland caribou decline studies, finally many more local chapter initiatives and projects in Canada and world-wide.

  • What are the goals and strategies of the Hunters for BC when pertaining to BC’s current situation?

Our board and advisors consist of many professionals and experts whom have developed a list of both goals and initial strategies that will be employed within the short-term. However, as the Chapter grows and the membership expands, so will our goals and strategies. To see the existing, but non-exclusive, list of topics and partnership strategies please go to;

Conservation Concerns
  • So, what do I get with my membership?

You pay International SCI Membership  $50.00 CAD
Free subscription: Safari magazine (7)  $90.00 USD
Free subscription: Safari Times (12)  $60.00 USD
Free Online record book  $85.00 USD
Ability to attend Hunters’ Convention @ Reno $0.00
SCI Trophy Record Book Eligibility: 1 Free Measure  $35.00 USD
Member Certificate, Member Card & logo stickers $25.00 USD
Total Estimated Value  $442.00 CAD for $50.00 CAD

  • Does Hunters for BC SCI offer any liability insurance?

Presently, individual or personal insurance is not available via your membership with Hunters for BC. However, this is something that the Board has identified and as the Chapter grows, we will be making it a priority.

Safari Club International as an organization does provide Chapter Liability Insurance and also Directors and Officers Insurance. In addition, SCI provides monthly compliance reviews, training, assistance with annual reports, database tracking (memberships, board of directors, etc.…) and database management of Chapter documents.

  • There are two SCI Chapters in British Columbia, which one do I join?

As a Board for Hunters for BC we encourage people to join whichever organization is closer to you so that you can participate in person at meetings, events, banquets, etc. However, it also comes down to personal choice. Both Chapters are a part of the same team (SCI) and consist of amazing people who are driven with the same goals and intentions. Although independent of each other, we also support each other.

  • Besides buying my membership, how can I get involved?

Hunters for BC Board has developed several categories of Committees that are very active and always needing volunteers for small or large projects.  

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