On behalf of our combined memberships.

On May 1, 2020 the Government of Canada, by OIC, did prohibit a large number of firearms previously legally owned in Canada by licensed firearms owners, with the impending threat of additional bans. As a result, we have collaborated on this effort to condemn the actions of this government and demand a credible plan to focus on crime.

Among our many objections, here are our three main concerns:

  1. The use of an Order in Council circumvents democracy, avoids the deliberation of evidence, delivery of expert witness testimony, and a full study of the issue. There is no vote amongst legislators therefore no voice for Canadians.
  2. This measure targets the wrong demographic entirely, focusing solely on licensed firearms owners who safely and lawfully owned this property without issue previous to this OIC. The government’s primary duty is to uphold the safety of the citizens of Canada. This measure fails to address the criminal acquisition of, or illicit use of firearms.
  3. The expense of this ban is immeasurable and prohibitive, from the implementation of a buy-back program, the destruction en masse of confiscated firearms, the framework and administrative costs to implementing the program, to the devastating impact on a multi-billion dollar industry, their employees and families. Our industry has not even
    begun to calculate the financial damage caused by this unnecessary political measure.

After careful consideration of these issues, we ask you as a unified community to repeal this OIC and instead, craft legislation that will better serve Canadians to accomplish the goal of reducing violence. As Canadian citizens and small business owners we remain committed to the safety of the communities where we live, work and raise our families.