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I am a very proud lifelong BC resident. From my very earliest memories I knew I was a hunter. Being raised in a wonderful hunting family allowed me to live this dream to the fullest and enjoyed a terrific guiding career in BC, NWT and Alberta. 

I am a husband, father, son, brother, friend and an admitted workaholic. Aside from guiding I have enjoyed many careers in forestry, construction, home building, renovations and currently I work at a mine in NW BC and loving it. 

Like many, I have grave concerns for BC. Our wildlands, watersheds, wildlife and hunting have reached a tipping point in BC and my personal goal is to help all BC residents understand what has transpired in this beautiful province and help any way I can to reverse the current trends. I understand the problems overwhelming this province and with the hard work of many, I believe hunters can promote change and shape a future where everyone can enjoy British Columbia the way it was meant to be. Beautiful. 



I have been an outdoor enthusiast my entire life.  In addition to hunting & fishing personally, I am also a licensed hunting guide and trapper.  For the past 5 years, I have been the head guide for Wild Coast Outfitters, leading clients through the punishing endeavor that is Mountain Goat hunting on the northwest coast in British Columbia.  This fall, I am looking forward to the challenge of fall guiding in the Northwest Territories.  During the winter months, I operate a trapline in the Okanagan, British Columbia specifically targeting the overpopulation of predators in the area.

I have an amazing wife and family, the father of 5 daughters.  I am a volunteer soccer & basketball coach, and an active member sitting on the Board of the Shuswap Youth Soccer Association.  I am looking forward to an upcoming hunting adventure in New Zealand with my 16 year old daughter, and hunting & trapping partner.



I grew up in BC in a fishing family though my Dad had a gun in the closet I don’t actually remember him ever using it.  My brother hunted a few ducks and unsuccessfully hunted deer until he put his gun away in preference for his fishing rod.

In high school I met a Guide Outfitter’s son and my eyes were opened to hunting – hunting culture, hunting passion and hunting conservation.  I still don’t hunt but as a Guide Outfitter (yep married him) I am also passionate about our wild places and our wild animals.  In the last 40 years I have attended too many meetings where the divisiveness of hunters has been the agenda, not how do we make and keep more wildlife in this province.  BC Interior SCI is focused on the same passion I have – create more wildlife, create more wild places.  BC has the potential to be the showcase of the world for wildlife populations for viewing and hunting.  We need to band together and change the focus of wildlife management.  



Secretary, Director of Media & Public Relations

Our secretary much prefers being behind a camera, not in front of it.  Born & raised to a hunting family from the West Kootenays, she is passionate about wildlife conservation.  



I grew up on a cattle farm in Armstrong, BC. Went to UBC after high school and achieved a forstry degree with a minor in wildlife management. Worked all over Coastal BC for 3 years after finishing UBC, completed requirements to become a Profesional Forester and then moved to the Interior and started my own consulting business. I have done that ever since. 30+ years working in the forest industry all over BC, primarily in planning, development and operations but have a broad and diverse background in a number of areas. I currently reside in Sun Peaks and have two teenage daughters. I am a very avid hunter but also spend a lot of time fishing, mountain biking and downhill and Nordic sking. I ran a trapline when I was younger and have also tried my hand as a guide-outfitter. My life largely revolves around the outdoors. I have found myself very frustrated with the crash in ungulate populations in this Province over the last 10 years. My goal in working within BC Interior SCI is to try and bring about change in wildlife management to attempt to bring back ungulate populations to where they have historically been.



I am the product of a long lineage of hunter, trappers, fisherman and outdoor heritage, born and raised in B.C. following a family migration from Manitoba where living off the land was a way of life more than a hobby. As long as I can remember being outdoors has always been a priority for me, from hunting whitetails and elk in the Kootenay’s to moose on the Yukon border, from urban and nuisance trapping for the Fish & Wildlife branch to Salmon fishing the rivers and oceans.

Retired after 40 years in the lumber industry it is now time to pursue my dreams and become even more a part of what B.C. has to offer in our diminishing wilderness.

This past November I became very concerned about the state of our wildlife in the areas I frequent and was inspired to start petitioning our Government to make change on our inadequate wildlife management policies as a single voice of one. It was then I was introduced to the founders of Hunters for B.C.  Upon learning of that their goals held the same values and desire to make change for the betterment of Wildlife as my own were. Without hesitation I decided to  jump right in and do my best to support the group and as a result have become a proud director with a dedicated team of great people who are willing to fight for and represent the outdoors people of our Province.

And thanks to all the members and the efforts of Hunters for B.C. I believe that we now have a chance to restore the balance to our wildlife and it’s habitat, and our resources that manage them back to the levels sustainability like they once were not only for myself, but for everyone and generations to come.



My name is Darren Carter. I live with my wife Richelle and 7 year old daughter Noah in Quesnel. I grew up in a hunting family. My dad was a guide in Alberta and my brother Scott is the owner of Carter Outfitting in Alberta specializing in Bighorn Sheep.

With a passion for the outdoors and being able to hunt and fish some of the most pristine areas in the world, I am genuinely concerned with what could and will happen to these opportunities if we don’t look after wildlife and their habitat.  I am currently operating gas/oil plants in western Alberta for ARC Resources along the eastern slopes  I am able to see their commitment to wildlife and environmental sustainability as we work in some very sensitive areas .

I would like to train and educate hunters and non-hunters of our province on the preservation, respect and protection of our wildlife and environment that we are all so lucky to enjoy.



A transplant to BC, originally from Ontario, I fled the big city with my sights set on steep mountains, ice cold glacial lakes and some of the most inclusive and diverse wildlife in the country. 

I first found myself in the Kootenays working for the Canadian pacific railway in Golden. After a couple years with the company it was clear that I was on a “live to work” path and lost focus of my goals. I then got back to what I knew best, automotive repair. I worked at the Ford dealer in Golden as a red seal technician where I eventually met my wife and together we moved to the North Shuswap where we now live with our two kids. Currently we have an auto repair company in the Shuswap and hopefully I will have an opportunity to step into the world of guiding this fall. My family is very much an outdoor bunch with most of our free time spent hiking, fishing or exploring new peaks.

My grandfather got me into the outdoors and bow hunting at a young age and that passion has only grown with the years. As a father I’m proud to live in a place where I can enjoy these landscapes and critters with my kids. That being said I am genuinely nervous about what these animals and landscapes will look like when it is my time to explore with my grandkids. 



I’m born and raised in BC, originally from the lower mainland but moved to Fort st John in 2009 when I was 20.

I grew up hunting, fishing with my brother, dad, uncles and grandpa. Spent many weekends camping with family and scouting. As an adult I have kept with the outdoor lifestyle, hunting and hiking every chance I get. I’ve worked the oil patch and construction industries since moving north with the last 8 years as a crane operator allowing me to see much of the northeast of BC and all the wildlife we are lucky enough to still have up here! I am also a volunteer firefighter in a community just outside of Fort St John.






I am currently a lower mainland resident having moved from Penticton to Port Coquitlam at a young age. Currently I am employed in the sawmill industry with over 20 years of experience and have recently been promoted to Superintendent, a testimonial to my commitment as a forward thinking, loyal employee.

I am also the proud father of two boys, ages eight and four who share their dads love of the outdoors. Married to a wonderful, patient, and supportive wife who endures my passion as hunter, fly fisherman and outdoor enthusiast. Most of my spare time is spent mostly on wilderness excursions in the Caribou or in the Kootenay regions pursuing my passion of hunting moose, elk, white tail, and mule deer.

 As a supporter of predator management through trapping, hunting or other methods, I realize the importance of keeping the population of wolves, coyotes, and cougars in balance with our dwindling wildlife populations a long with other aspects such as poor forestry management and the endless myriad of access roads have given these predators an increased advantage in their pursuit of ungulates.

Another one of my favorite pastimes is fly fishing, being well versed in lake and river entomology, it has helped me excel both as a fisherman and accomplished fly-tyer willing to launch my boat in any puddle with surface ripples of feeding rainbows, casting my 5-weight sage fly rod with precision and test proving my latest patterns.

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