Hunters for BC has developed the following committees.  All committees meet via ZOOM.

Predator Science & Engagement

  • Hunters for BC recognizes the ecological and social values of predators in our province.  The goals for this program will be to present scientifically guided predator information to help the public understand predator-prey dynamics and how high or low predator populations impact the landscape, and the many species of animals that feed them. 

    We aim to change the dialogue about predators in mainstream media providing opportunity for greater understanding of predators as species that need to be managed on the land, especially at a time when ungulate populations are in sharp decline in many areas across the province.  Management of predators and the emotions surrounding them tend to create a public outcry for “protection”, often guided by human sentiment and misinformation campaigns.  We recognize the publics passionate interest in predators and hope to create engagement that educates the public in the big picture of balancing predator & prey species within our ecosystem so that ALL species can thrive.


Public Engagement & Advocacy

  • To establish strategic partnerships & joint ventures with organizations & individuals to help advance our conservation & resource management objectives, for the betterment of British Columbia Wildlife. 

Members – Corey Collins

  • To network with Members throughout the Province to bringing forward and/or initiating conservation projects & strategies both regionally & provincially. 


  • To provide a high level of communications & society branding to members, & partners creating transparency for Hunters for BC through our website & social media channels.

Access Management 

  • One of the primary focus areas for Hunter for BC is access management. Access management is a broad term and can include any interaction between wildlife and transportation features or corridors. 

    British Columbia has a huge amount of resource roads as well as public transportation features that have fragmented wildlife habitat and are having a serious negative impact on wildlife populations and biodiversity in general. Hunters for BC is bringing awareness to the problems created and finding solutions to mitigate the impacts.


Outreach Programs

  • Our outreach program goals are to bring action and awareness to the many issues that face us today in the quest to conserve and enhance our wilderness experiences. We come across programs or challenges that may or may not have a direct correlation to hunting yet still serve as a humanitarian or wildlife related issues and concerns.  Any actions or committees developed through our outreach programs will be carefully vetted to ensure we have the man-power needed plus the funding to support them.

    • Chronic Wasting Disease
    • Badger Awareness
    • Tristan Montjoy Scholarship Fund

Fundraising – Dave Ryder

  • The mandate of the Fundraising Committee is to assist Hunters for BC in the planning, coordination and implementation of all fundraising activities in support of the projects and activities of the society.