Hunters for BC

Hunters for BC is a thriving non-profit organization committed to preserving the future of our wildlife, habitat, and hunting heritage. By uniting the voices of hunters and collaborating with like-minded groups, we strive to foster positive change for the recovery and growth of our wildlife for future generations. Our directors and members are deeply concerned about declining wildlife populations and habitat degradation. We are dedicated to raising the value of wildlife among B.C. citizens by highlighting the complex issues that have impacted our landscape. Our advocacy efforts focus on securing dedicated funding for improved wildlife management and pushing for meaningful legislative changes in resource extraction and land use, prioritizing biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

Constitution Bylaws
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Our Mission

To actively promote, support & advocate for responsible conservation & management of British Columbia’s wildlife and habitat.

Our Purpose

  1. To promote the responsible stewardship and effective management of British Columbia’s ecosystems, prioritizing the preservation of wildlife and habitats, thereby ensuring their biodiversity, conservation, and sustainable utilization for present and future generations.
  2. To foster safe, ethical hunting practices in a sustainable manner, recognizing the importance of maintaining healthy wildlife populations and biodiversity.
  3. To undertake activities relating to the attainment of our mission.