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January 26, 2021

Press Release | Senior mauled by cougar

A 69-year-old was attacked by a cougar near his home Monday

Yes, a rare event for a cougar in BC, but not surprising and surely this man will not be the last person attacked by a predator in BC.

Our heart goes out to this individual as a mauling by a wild predator is not a pleasant experience and one that we wish would not happen at all. But, unfortunately, we can expect a steady increase in this type of event.

Last week it was coyotes in Stanley Park biting joggers, next week it could be anyone of our predators in any other BC community.

We here at Hunters for BC – Interior Chapter of the Safari Club International (SCI) are extremely concerned as many of these attacks do not need to happen.

Poor or non-existent predator management in BC is the leading cause of these attacks.

And why is this so?

Chronic under funding and staffing of those responsible for the management of wildlife in BC, including predators, result in situations like these. This poor management combined with management objectives by opinion polls are resulting in BC residents and foreign visitors suffering these attacks when there is no need for it.

“Managing for predators on our landscape requires not only a change in how we manage for them, but a wholesale change in how we look after and manage for their prey, or in other words, their dinner”, said Robin Unrau, President of Hunters for BC.

Further Robin said, “If we don’t care that there are no fish in our streams, deer in the forest or moose on the mountains, what do we expect our grizzly bears, black bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes or foxes will eat? Doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that when we manage to the maximum number of predators simply to have them available for people to see and experience, that when their food supply is in short supply, predators will revert to their instinct, which is to kill and consume whatever is available.”

Hunters for BC is calling on our Premier and the Province to:

  • Immediately increase funding for our wildlife managers commensurate with other jurisdictions to ensure our wildlife remains as an important part of our Province and environment;
  • Set management objectives, including desired population levels, for both predators and their prey;
  • Return to actively managing to reduce predator numbers in and around our communities including the ability for hunters to participate;
  • Ensure there are open hunting seasons for all predators where populations numbers support a harvest to reduce or keep population at target numbers;
  •  And, with the voluntary participation of organizations such as Hunters for BC, actively support, promote, and educate the residents of BC about the importance and necessity of hunting as a legitimate part of wildlife management for BC.

Hunters for BC – Interior Chapter SCI is an award-winning wildlife conservation organization in British Columbia. Our mission is to actively promote, support & advocate for responsible conservation and management of British Columbia’s wildlife and natural resources.

For further questions or information, please contact Robin Unrau, President Hunters for BC at (250) 864-7645 or