The following people will stand for Director positions at the upcoming AGM.  

We welcome nominations & self-nominations for the upcoming 2 year term with Hunters for BC!

We have provided, for your consideration, our Director Position Description & Code of Conduct.  INTERESTED?  Shoot us an email!



Robin Unrau, Director 2020-2022

Founder of Hunters for BC – SCI  

My name is Robin Unrau. I am very happy to announce my candidacy for director at the 2022 Hunters for BC AGM.

Our organization has worked very hard to bring awareness and education to fellow hunters in the past 2 years and I’m extremely proud to be part of our growth. BC has an overwhelming number of critical issues which must be addressed by its residents to ensure a future for wildlife, habitat and the future of hunting in the province. I hope to be part of these efforts and help Hunters for BC continue with some fantastic programs and projects.

I am 56 years old and a lifelong resident hunter in BC.  I am currently employed as a supervisor at Brucejack Mine  in NW BC and very appreciative of the mine’s commitment to strong environmental values. I have witnessed our wildlife populations in BC become weakened by a long list of reasons and hope we can help instill our core values to the provincial government and BC residents to bring real change.

Protect, preserve, revitalize, respect.

Best regards

Robin Unrau.

Neil Findlay, Director 2020-2022

Practicing Registered Professional Forester and Project Leader for the Pennask Access Management Project, Neil wishes to continue his work for Hunters for BC.  


Dave Ryder, 2020 – 2022 Director

As a retired candidate with an extensive background in outdoor environments along with the knowledge gained from my previous term has allowed me to become well versed in all aspects of Hunters for BC’s mandates and initiatives, with less time constraints than most directors this allows me more time in which to conduct research and help initiate projects at all levels within the organization. Combined with a strong commitment to the preservation of wildlife habitat and the past two years of experience as director I believe continuation of this position allows me the most opportunity in benefiting all facets within Hunters for BC-SCI, its directors, committees, and our general membership.


Ted Bocking, 2020 – 2022 Director

I have chosen to let my name stand for the board of hunters for bc as I feel like there is a great amount of unfinished business that this group has to do. I have been here from the start, and I intend on being here for the long haul. I take great pride in helping start this group and seeing what we have grown into in a very short period of time. It has been a steep learning curve for all of us but we have our feet under us now and are really becoming a force here in bc. Much work still has to be done.

Decided almost from the beginning, this FEELS IMPORTANT.  I’m thinking I’m a “lifer” …  Love the team I have, looking forward to the next couple years as we develop this organization.

Corey Collins, 2021 Interim Director

I am currently a lower mainland resident having moved from Penticton to Port Coquitlam at a young age. Currently I am employed in the sawmill industry with over 20 years of experience and have recently been promoted to Superintendent, a testimonial to my commitment as a forward thinking, loyal employee.

I am also the proud father of two boys, ages eight and four who share their dads love of the outdoors. Married to a wonderful, patient, and supportive wife who endures my passion as hunter, fly fisherman and outdoor enthusiast. Most of my spare time is spent mostly on wilderness excursions in the Caribou or in the Kootenay regions pursuing my passion of hunting moose, elk, white tail, and mule deer.

 As a supporter of predator management through trapping, hunting or other methods, I realize the importance of keeping the population of wolves, coyotes, and cougars in balance with our dwindling wildlife populations a long with other aspects such as poor forestry management and the endless myriad of access roads have given these predators an increased advantage in their pursuit of ungulates.

Another one of my favorite pastimes is fly fishing, being well versed in lake and river entomology, it has helped me excel both as a fisherman and accomplished fly-tyer willing to launch my boat in any puddle with surface ripples of feeding rainbows, casting my 5-weight sage fly rod with precision and test proving my latest patterns.

Ryan Bragg – Member

A transplant to BC, originally from Ontario, I fled the big city with my sights set on steep mountains, ice cold glacial lakes and some of the most inclusive and diverse wildlife in the country. 

I first found myself in the Kootenays working for the Canadian pacific railway in Golden. After a couple years with the company it was clear that I was on a “live to work” path and lost focus of my goals. I then got back to what I knew best, automotive repair. I worked at the Ford dealer in Golden as a red seal technician where I eventually met my wife and together we moved to the North Shuswap where we now live with our two kids. Currently we have an auto repair company in the Shuswap and hopefully I will have an opportunity to step into the world of guiding this fall. My family is very much an outdoor bunch with most of our free time spent hiking, fishing or exploring new peaks.

My grandfather got me into the outdoors and bow hunting at a young age and that passion has only grown with the years. As a father I’m proud to live in a place where I can enjoy these landscapes and critters with my kids. That being said I am genuinely nervous about what these animals and landscapes will look like when it is my time to explore with my grandkids.