Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We plan to create and implement a network for reaching more hunters in British Columbia.  We have a goal of helping identify conservation projects, of spreading the word and giving hunters in British Columbia a chance to participate in the greater good of wildlife in our province.  We aim to be "at the table" in the near future to bring a collective voice from concerned hunters to impact positive change for the future of our wildlife populations in this province.

We believe very few hunters belong to active clubs and organizations - we aim to encourage their participation, to drive membership which in turn drives change.  ALL hunters should be concerned about the future of our wildlife in this province, and as a result, become involved so that our children and grandchildren will have the same opportunities that we have had.  

We are in the development stages of gathering a hunting community so that we may help present & promote conservation projects & topics.

We would like nothing more than for Hunters for B.C. to not be needed in the future.  For now, please sign up for our newsletter as we develop our network.  

Your Time,

...Your Ideas,

......Your Financial Contribution to a Project,

.........Our Future Hunting Generations!

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