So you wanna hunt BC Mountain Goats?





Hunters for BC and the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance are pleased to be co-hosting a webinar on mountain goat hunting that includes a panel of BC goat hunting gurus.

This will be an interactive session where you can learn from the fellows that get out there on a regular basis in pursuit of these majestic monarchs in the nastiest of terrain that BC has to offer.

We’ll be covering key items including physical and mental preparation, e-scouting, partner selection, hunting tactics for the summer, fall and winter seasons, goat behaviours, identifying a mature billy, retrievals and other related topics/questions you wish to pose to the panel.




Just to add a little more fun & excitement for our registered participants, RMGA & H4BC are levelling up the action!  Random winners will be drawn at the end of the webinar! 

Memberships, Merch, Stone Glacier Sleeping Bag & Cougar Hunt Raffle Tickets are on the list!  We look forward to hosting you!



Marvin Kwiatkowski

Director / Board Chair
Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance

I was born and raised in Northern BC and spent half my life living, exploring and hunting prime goat country in the Coastal Mountains. I’ve been thinking of mountain goats since I was a child and actively hunting them for the last 28 years. My first big game animal was a long haired November billy and since that day the adventure, challenge and passion for all things goats has remained!

Ed Thompson

Ed Thompson, born and raised in central BC, hunting / trapping / fishing with my dad and grandad. I went on my first goat hunt as a little kid, and have been obsessed with mountain goats and the places they live ever since.

Page Norton

Born and raised in Northern B.C. on cattle ranch an hour away from the closest gas station, I’ve been hunting since I could carry a rifle.

I started hunting Goats for myself when I was 18 and have been Guiding for them since I was 20. I took a Bachelors Degree in Conservation Enforcement and worked for Alberta Fish and Wildlife for 5 years in various places, until the B.C. mountains called me home.

I now have 20 years of goat hunting/guiding under my belt and hope to continue for at least another 20.

Justin Kallusky

Justin Kallusky made history last summer with the first 60-inch Rocky Mountain goat in the Boone & Crockett record book.


Robin Unrau

President / Founder, Hunters for BC

I’m in love with our province and all its wildlife. 

I spent a great deal of time observing and hunting mountain goats with the specific goal of overcoming the difficulties associated with field judging them. 

Weather, geography, topography and region can make mtn goat hunting extremely difficult and ultimately rewarding. 

Hunters for BC & Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance would like to express our gratitude to Darryn Epp for the incredible selection of mountain goat images we have available for our use!