report all poachers and polluters in bcAs we grow at Hunters for BC, we shuffle around a lot of ideas on how we can show our best selves, as hunters, to the non-hunting public.    

Safari Club International is global in its efforts to reduce poaching and constantly striving to improve hunter image through lobbying and education.

One constant newsworthy topic that seems to reflect poorly on Hunter Image – POACHERS!  At one time or another, we have all seen the aftermath; the media loves it, the anti-hunting community rallies around it and the money and propaganda follow.  “What violent creatures we are!”  “Uncontrollable killers with no regards for wildlife!”  “Determined to wipe out a species under the guise as hunters.”  

elk herdWait a damn minute!  These are not hunters!  They are POACHERS and the actions of a few that reflect poorly on us, neither condoned or accepted into the real hunting community, the enemy of what we stand for, and the poster boy for the anti-hunting movement.  So… how do we prove it? What can we do?  We go after them!

By promoting the Big Buck Contest and supporting BC Interior SCI we can support the Special Investigations of the B.C. Conservation Office Service and anti-poaching programs with tools & technology that don’t fall under their standard operating budget.  Technology such as the robotic deer programs, RAPP, public awareness campaigns, or night vision technology are just a few of the proven and valuable resources responsible for the demise and conviction of many of those who choose to venture outside the boundaries of ethical hunting.

Why should we support a government organization such as the FLNRORD? Because the funds allotted to wildlife and conservation through Government is a drop in the bucket as to what is needed and until this changes “WE” the true hunters, need to do our part to protect our Hunter Image.  

Dave Ryder, Director