1. Close Peace Caribou Hunts and Reduce Peace Moose Hunts (Region-wide)  LINK

  2. Government Prepared Background Information LINK

  3. Bill 14 – Wildlife Act changes support reconciliation LINK

Proposed Regulations: 

1) Caribou:

  • Close all licensed caribou hunts in Region 7B (General Open Season and Limited Entry Hunting).
  • Note, closure of the 5 point bull caribou bow only season in 7-58 and the Pink Mountain LEH is already under consideration and was part of the previous round of public engagement. See here for additional details.

2) Moose:

  • Close all licensed moose hunting in the Peace region for Aug. 15-31, and Oct 1 – 15.
  • Close the Peace Moberly tract to all moose hunting
  • Change the rut closure around Moose Lake in Management Unit 7-51 to a full moose hunting closure .
  • Convert all remaining moose hunts from GOS to LEH with four LEH seasons as follows:
    • Sept. 1 – 15
    • Sept. 15 – 30
    • Oct. 16 – 31
    • Nov. 1 – 15
  • Establish the area of MU 7-32 outside of the Peace Moberly Tract as LEH Zone A  and LEH Zone B .
  • Authorizations issued will be informed by a recommendation to reduce the number of moose killed by 50% and the number of BC licensed hunters by 50%.
  • Require Compulsory Reporting for all MUs in the Peace Region, with the following exception:
    • Require Compulsory Inspection for moose taken in that portion of MU 7-52 accessible from Region 6. See Map F44 (page 71).


These proposed hunting regulations are aimed at addressing the ability of Treaty 8 First Nations to continue their way of life and begin to address the impacts of industrial development of the rights guaranteed in this Treaty as confirmed in the Supreme Court of BC decision Yahey vs. BC (June 29, 2021).

The proposed hunting regulation changes are a two-year interim measure and only one part of a broader package of actions specific to improving wildlife stewardship, upholding Treaty rights, and habitat conservation and the future of resource management. This work is bringing the Province, Treaty 8 Nations, and stakeholders together in a shared management vision.

To learn more about this broader package of actions read the detailed backgrounder here .