Trigger Time with Alan Homer

Hosted by Hunters for BC

Alan Homer with Moose for Hunters for BC


SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd @ 7:00 PM



Hunters for BC is proud to present “Trigger Time with Alan Homer”. Be sure to sign up for the live webinar, which will take place on June 23, 2024 at 7:00pm PST.

During the webinar Alan will guide viewers on acquiring targets quickly, making confident shots and dispatching game quickly with ethical shots. Talking points will include ballistics, wind, precision, accuracy and zeroing your rifle.

All participants will have the opportunity to engage with Alan during the question and discussion period of the webinar.

For more content check out Alan’s YouTube channel here!



Who is Alan Homer?

My name is Al Homer, my dad got me into hunting and shooting at a very young age, from there it just spiraled into a passion. I was always interested in long-range shooting, back in the 80’s they never really had range finders or scopes with a turret system I could afford. So we would just guess the ranges and do hold overs. It was just for fun and good practice, we never did engage any animals at any crazy distances. 

In the mid 90’s I finally got a range finder and a custom turret on a Leupold scope then I was able to engage targets out to 800 yards and I remember I shot a Caribou at 500 yards and it was a clean and fast kill. 

From there in 2016 I started competing in Precision Rifle Series, Rifle Team Challenge and Sniper Competitions. Now I compete monthly and in September of 2024 I’ll be shooting for Team Canada at the International Precision Rifle Federations World Championship Of Precision Rifle in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

To Summarize the main reason I even got into Precision Rifle Competitions was to improve my shooting skills for hunting. I feel I owe to the animals I harvest to make the most humane, cleanest and fastest kill I can.



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Hunters for BC would like to express our gratitude to Alan Homer for putting together this webinar for our community!