Hunters for BC is seeking members to join our board of directors for a 2 year term at the upcoming Annual General Meeting Wednesday, April 5th, 2023.

In an effort to help interested persons make informed decisions, we have developed this page to better inform you about what is involved at this level of commitment. 

We have recently updated our Directors Job Description.  In addition, we have a few policies and procedures for interested members to review as each Director will need to sign these at the beginning of each new term.

We will be updating our website in the next few weeks to better inform our members of the goals of the organization as the result of our strategic planning.  Hunters for BC programs going forward will be Access Management, Predator Management and Outreach Programs.  To this end, interested individuals should know that we are committed to putting wildlife first!

Please send your expressions of interest to  Those who wish to stand for a director position, we would also appreciate a bio and photo to help our members get to know you for the upcoming board elections.  If you are interested in speaking in person with any of the directors, please provide your telephone number in your email.  

Characteristics to be sought in board members include:

• Comfort with the diversity within directors & membership and its competing opinions and values
• Commitment to inclusive and fair process
• Comfort with accepting responsibility and the shared authority it imposes
• Respect for the authority of others
• Acceptance of a role that carries no individual authority
• A focus on the big picture and the future that is visionary yet practical
• Ability to participate assertively in group process
• Ability to accept and not undermine a group decision legitimately made
• Time available to participate fully in preparation and in actual board work
• Capacity for conceptual flexibility and for addressing high-level issues in a disciplined, careful process
• Ability to uphold group rules and to follow those rules with respect to relationships with staff and others



Up for Election 2023 – 2025

Wendy Cary, Director 2021-2023

These past two years have been a huge learning curve for me and for Hunters for BC. We have been slowly but steadily moving forward on wildlife and wildlife related issues. Hunters for BC has resonated with me as it tries to bring all hunters together, to connect with the non-hunting community, the scientists and First Nations.

We all care passionately about BC and the state of its wildlife and wild places; without committing time and energy into making a difference, both will suffer. I have been acting as a Director and Treasurer for these past two years and am happy to continue in that capacity if the membership wants me to.

Wendy Cary

hunters for bc director treasurer

Robin Roy, Member

I am Robin Roy. I have been married almost 31 years now and have 3 adult children. I own a computer service company and I am an estimator for a construction company. (Weird mix I know, but my long story would totally make sense for me to do both).

I started out hunting when I was 20 years old in California where I was going to college. A friend I was in college with introduced me to bow hunting wild boar in Northern California. Those are a crazy animal to hunt and kill. Standing in 6-7 foot tall manzaneeta (California iron wood)bushes and taking shots at them while they rush at the bushes your buddy is standing in to have them turn and run back at your bush while he puts an arrow in the pig, fun times. I took my oldest son bow hunting for deer when he hit 17 and tried to pass on the love of archery and hunting. (We did not get anything.) But he still has his bow and now has like me graduated to a gun.

Due to a nasty head on car crash in 2013 I had to give up bow hunting and was sad thinking it was the end since my wife was NOT big on guns in the house. Then with all that was going on in Canada in last few years my wife agreed we needed to get a gun or two and go back to hunting for ethical and health meat sources. In 2020 my oldest son and I took our PAL together and passed. I have since purchased a few guns (don’t tell my wife how many guys). I have a had a few people in my life that have influenced me in how I think about hunting and I am so thankful for them teaching me that hunting is conservation and that it is so important for hunters to be heard by our government for the sport to continue and for the sake of the wildlife in our beautiful province.

I will, if chosen, be a positive force in this province to speak and teach. To work doing whatever is necessary so that wildlife management is taken seriously here.

Also for your knowledge I am being actively pursued by the BC Conservative Party to run in Abbotsford South where I live and if I do it and am elected I will be a voice in the BC Legislature for wildlife management and for the continuation of hunting as a way of life here in BC.

Robin Roy

Dawson Smith, Member

Coming soon